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There is massive URGENCY when it comes to Migraines!

Dr. Nick Silveri

Path to a Million Podcast

Chiropractic Digital Marketing Strategy Expert

The Migraine Challenge is designed with one thing in mind; getting chiropractors like you massive growth & life changing results for your patients.

Let’s face it, being a chiropractor is no easy feat. You experience a variety of stress on a daily basis that the general public and even other small business owner’s couldn’t possibly understand.  


The struggle for new patients, practice growth, and outcome based results is real. The reality is BALANCE in these three areas doesn’t exist! There’s no such thing; you’ll never be able to dedicate an equal set amount of TIME to all three areas of your practice.  


However, we believe that if you focus your TIME and ENERGY appropriately, you can have the best of both worlds and crush your desired goals!!!

And that’s exactly what the MIGRAINE CHALLENGE provides you…


NEW - Done For You - Migraine Challenge Campaign ready to be introduced to your community and run by your staff!


Quality New Patients! Migraine sufferers are not “tire kickers.” They want results NOW… they just need to know you exist!


A combination of both Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies that are sure to make you and your practice stick out as unique and different!


The key element that will help you convert migraine patients and their entire family into a Lifetime Wellness Family!


Celebrity Status… you will be known as the Headache & Migraine Specialist in your community!


And much, much more!

Whats Included: 

New - "Launch Program"


Brand Yourself as the headache and migraine expert utilizing the Migraine Challenge logo and customizing it with Your City!


Engage people utilizing your very own Free Report that will help build your audience. An email sequence (13 total) is included to continuously engage and touch your subscribers with value and get them to take action!

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These videos are pure GOLD! They walk you step by step to get the Migraine Challenge up and running in your office and out into your community!


Learn how to become a local celebrity by implementing a few simple strategies. You too can get over 100K views on your videos and have your community "Like"ing, Commenting, & Sharing your posts!

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Our top 3 strategies for you to use to become the local migraine expert and have quality new patients walking into your office!


The Migraine Challenge Application will set your Exam Doc up for massive success! The layout and the questions are extremely intentional and will make your Day 1 so much quicker and more effective!!! 

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You get a copy of the exact power point presentation Dr. Cotey uses during his Migraine Challenge Workshops! This alone will GROW your practice and take you to the Next Level!!!

You get to attend a Private, 2-Day Live Workshop where Dr. Cotey and other Migraine Challenge Docs share their systems & strategies! Attend this event and you won't have a choice but to GROW and take your Practice to the Next Level! 

Patient Reviews

Your Community Needs to Know You Exist!

Over 250



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How Committed Are You to Getting to the Next Level?


“Dr. Cotey and Dr. Amanda Jordan are dynamic leaders who will coach you to better health and happiness!”


Joe Theismann

Legendary NFL World Champion Quarterback

Featured on the Hit Movie, The Blind Side

NFL Football TV Commentator


“This is the secret weapon that every person and professional can use to achieve success in life. Dr. Cotey and Dr. Amanda Jordan’s work is incredibly noteworthy and valuable to help you learn to overcome migraines and to obtain the life you want.  “The Migraine Challenge” is truly magical! Well Done!”

John Formica

The “Ex-Disney Guy”

 America’s Best Customer Experience Speaker

 Trainer & Coach


“Top Achievers Think and Act Differently Than Others. The Migraine Challenge Will Give You Simple and Easy Ways to Change Your Thinking, and Ultimately Your Life!”


Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank”

Inventor of the Infomercial

($5 Billion in Sales on TV)


“These wonderful doctors teach you how to eliminate migraines forever. My wife Barbara, after years of severe migraines, has been totally without pain now for several years!”

Brian Tracy

Best-Selling Author, Psychology of Achievement

There is massive URGENCY when it comes to Migraines!

Dr. Nick Silveri

Path to a Million Podcast

Chiropractic Digital Marketing Strategy Expert

"The Migraine Challenge makes a lot of sense...take a shot, take action!"


Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, “Shark Tank”

Inventor of the Infomercial

($5 Billion in Sales on TV)

About the Founders:

Drs. Cotey and Amanda Jordan have cracked the code solving a HUGE problem leading to a Win/Win outcome! It’s no secret that chiropractors around the world are helping people with headaches, but Dr. Cotey has taken it to a completely new level with his NEW - Migraine Challenge - "Launch Program".  


From a chronic childhood migraine sufferer to Chiropractor and Co-Founder of the Migraine Challenge & one of America’s Most Requested, In-Demand, Health & Wellness Keynote Speakers, see how Dr. Cotey can help you become the Go-To Headache and Migraine Specialist in your town and ultimately take your practice to an entirely new level.

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